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Antero Reservoir

Antero Reservoir is located of Hwy 24 just 6 miles past the town of Hartsel. Anglers will find Rainbow, Brown and Cutbow Trouts lurking these waters. This Reservoir was closed down for a few years but recently reopened June 5th, 2017. It has already set the bar this year for being known as home to the some of Colorado's bigger trout. The lake has a North Shore day us only with access to a boat dock and easy access to the lake for all the belly, kayak and float tube fly fishermen. The South Shore is the 2nd exit off Hwy 24 a good 4 miles past the N.Shore entrance. There is one camp ground located here with RV hook ups and picnic tables designed to block the wind. This Lake is about 15 miles south east of Eleven Mile and Spinney Reservoirs. Plan your next trip and try to catch you a 2-5lber! 

Antero Reservoir: This Reservoir is a gem, We have not fished here for over a decade and since its been reopened we had been tipped off by a close Angling buddy that we needed to get out there and give it a go, it was worth our time. After weeks of debating we finally made the trip. We pulled in the North Shore about 6:45 a.m. and set up about 50 yards to the left of the boat dock. By 9 a.m. we had exhausted our tackle options, having worked our Panther Martins, Tasmanian Devils[white,clown],  a few 3" Stickbaits, white jighead and white, green and pink 3" jigs and having tried a bubble and fly as our last option, we decided to set up on bottom.  We had seen such an amazing amount of fresh food sources for these fish to thrive on however all we seen was 1-4 inch minnows jumping everywhere all morning about 8 ft off shore. I casted out a hook rigged for about 13 " off the bottom half a worm injected with garlic scent. Around 1030 we started getting impatient and not believing the hype everyone was talking about.I sent my buddy a text to notify him that the lake was dead all morning. Not even 10 mins later while rebating a pole, our line hit with some extreme force, pulling out my drag as my tension was set in hopes of catching a good size fish. I grabbed it and began reeling what felt like a 10 lb rock. We seen our catch come out the water in a brilliant display of panic to try and get away and we could tell instantly we had landed at least a 3 pound fish. After about 5 mins of a little given take retrieving we netted ourselves a 24.5" Cutbow [Rainbow x Cutthroat] 5.5lbs in weight. Definitely made me a believer and we are very excited to see what kind of fish this lake produces come ice.