Tarryall Reservoir

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Tarryall Reservoir is located off Hwy 285 and Carryall Rd. in Jefferson, Colorado. Anglers will find a variety of fish to include Rainbow, Cuttbow, Browns and the mighty Northern Pike. This reservoir offers fishing in different styles Fly Fishermen can work the inlet a good stretch of Tarryall Creek or work the Waterfall outlet. This is a boating lake [no wake], kayak and belly boat friendly for anglers who like to set out and troll all day. The shores are action packed for Anglers using crawlers, jigs, lures and powerbait. This is one of the closest free fishing and camping is first come first serve along the Tarryall Rd side and day use is available opposite shore. There is also of remote camping back behind in the Turner Gulch Rd Area where it is filled ATVs,4x4 and Buggy Trails.

Tarryall Reservoir: This lake is one often fished by us AnglerHunters. We normally fish the last day use area on the west shore closest to the inlet. This is a good shore to arm up with crawlers, powerbait [Zeke's pink garlic], Tasmanian Devils [clown or blue/silver] for trout. You can also find some good Northern Pike action if you work the inlet with anything white. We have had success with a variety of baits. For more information check out our Blog Page for tips on catching these beautiful fish.