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Eleven Mile Reservoir

Eleven Mile Reservoir is located of Hwy 24 and CR 92 in Laek George, Colorado. Anglers will find a variety of fish to include Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat Trout, Northern Pike and The Kokane Salmon which can be found in the river north side of the reservoir commonly unknown as the "Colorado Dream Stream" highly popular amongst the states fly fishing population. This lake is a tough lake to work, there is a large variety of monsters being caught in the 6-12 pound range. With the high winds and boating [wake allowed] fishing from the shore in the day time is quite the challenge, trolling day time seems to be producing more fish in the 18-20+ inch range. Night fishing has also proved to be of great reward if you can handle the elements, tip dress warm.  

Eleven Mile Reservoir: This is definitely one of our favorite lakes to fish here in Colorado. The open plains make the wind pretty intense at times leaving the lake filled with white caps. however, we have had a very good success rate at night fishing the Witcher's Cove Day use parking shore. We usually fish from 8pm-9am, most people wouldn't stand in the freezing cold for 8 hrs to catch 2-4 fish. Us AnglerHunters are stubborn and will do about anything to reel none of these 1-3 pounders who's lips we have been rippin late nights. We usually fish the bottom with half a crawler, any pink powerbait[Zeke's pink Garlic,Chartreuse] or we have had luck with pink or orange fresh shrimp marshmallows.  Next spring we will be taking a couple of trolling trips for the Northern Pikes that prey these lakes. This is also a great lake for ice fishing, lots of giant fish you will see if you get in the right area. Last Dec the Colorado Division of wild life stocked the reservoir with 36,000 fish and again in Mar/April 2017. So suit up and try your luck at catching your trophy here at Eleven Mile State Park.